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Sous les oliviers

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Chili • 120 cal (per 15 ml) • Carbs 14 g  • Taste Type : Fruity


When you take the highest quality of extra virgin olive oil and infuse it with the naturally sweet, lively flavor of real orange, the end result is striking for the taste buds! Though full bodied, imported extra virgin olive oil has a powerful flavor, it’s smooth and sweet with no bitter after taste. First pressed using expeller methods, it’s the edible oil obtained by the mechanical expression of the naturally occurring oils from the clean, wholesome fruit of the olive tree, (olea europaea). The end result is an oil with light to moderate flavor intensity.

Le produit peut être utilisé dans une variété de recettes. Un ajout délicieux pour les trempettes et les salades, c'est la façon idéale d’initier votre entourage au monde des huiles d'olive extra-vierges saine