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Granolust - Rosemary parmesan crunch 70g



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Revolutionizing the granola world with the very first savoury flavour, our Rosemary Parmesan crunch is perfect as a salad or soup topper - like a healthy crouton! A crunchy addition to roasted veggies or to top your avocado toast or savoury crepes. It can also be ground up and used as a breading on chicken, fish or tofu for a healthier take on fried breadcrumbs. Wanna hear a secret? We just eat it right out of the bag! Rosemary Parmesan Crunch will satisfy your cravings for a non-sweet granola snack featuring vegan parmesan and delicious rosemary and other spices.

Granolust is made in Montreal, Canada using the finest organic ingredients, the healthiest oils and none of the typical additives or sweeteners that other granolas use. The resealable black bags keep it fresh and  crunchy. You will not be able to do without it...Go ahead. Indulge. You deserve it. #trustthelust