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Gelée d'érables

Jardin dérable


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Jardin des Érables • Quebec • 100% pure maple syrup • 250 ml


Delicious 100% pure maple jelly Ingredients 100% pure maple syrup, Water, Agar-agar powder. Additional Information Refrigerate When Open
Ecological Maple
One small gesture at a time

Jardin des érables is a maple syrup company that respects the environment. We firmly believe that every action taken can help preserve the environment.
This is why 1% of our sales is donated to an organization with an ecological goal. All together we are helping to save the planet


Our journey

Since the first day, we have put all our energies into the Jardin des Érables project in order to discover a variety 
of maple or maple-based products different from those already on the market. We are proud to offer quality products
handcrafted with love. We are aware of environmental issues and this is why we describe ourselves as an eco-responsible company.
We remain committed to always doing our best with new products and innovations. Our articles are carefully prepared.