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Shavings Spices FOOD CRAYON garlic and chilli with sharpener

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Wow for this Chili & Garlic Crayon! Just spicy enough to raise the taste of all Italian sauces, pastas and pizzas.

Open – Sharpen – Taste

8 to 10 shavings on your plate to add a strong and delicious flavour. It brings innovation, fun and twists your meals!

How is it made?

Food Crayons are handcrafted in our workshop in Montreal (Québec - Canada). All the recipes are natural, vegan*, gluten-free and without preservatives.

* Only the flavour Honey & Mustard isn’t vegan. It’s made of Honey & Mustard.

Our Chili & Garlic crayon is made from fresh red-hot pepper preserved in oil. It adds a spicy note to your plate.



Water, apple cider vinegar, hot pepper, salt, Agar-agar, natural garlic extract, gluten free tamari, locust bean gum.

Contains: Soya


18 g = 120 shavings

Expiry date: 9 months