Spices to Shaprpen FOOD CRAYON - Montreal Quebec raspberry

Un savoureux assaisonnement sous forme de crayon à tailler pour relever vos assiettes Des bâtonnets d'assaisonnement en forme de crayon à tailler pour relever vos assiettes

The first box of seasonings to be carved by our Savant Bouffe. The ideal gift for all gastronomy lovers. It is composed of three flavors and a food-safe sharpener. A natural, vegetable and gluten-free recipe cooked with ❤️ in Montreal.

| Lemon confit| is ideal with oily fish, yellow fruits, oriental cuisine, pickled vegetables and raw vegetables.

| Chilli & Garlic | is ideal with Italian cuisine, cold cuts, barbecues, pickled vegetables and seafood.

| Basil is ideal with Mediterranean cuisine, red fruits, raw vegetables, goat cheese and citrus fruits.

One 18g Seasoning is 120 shavings for your plates. Store in a dark place between 7 and 9 months depending on the batch number.


This is the first boxset of Seasoning Sticks designed by the Savant Food himself. The ideal gift for food lovers. Made up of three flavors and a sharpener in line with food grade standards. A natural vegetable-sourced, gluten-free recipe made with ♥ in Montreal.

| Lemon & salt | Ideal with salad, fish & tartar

| Pepper and garlic | Grilled meats, pizza & pasta

| Basil | Mediterranean cuisine

18 grams of seasoning means 120 shavings for your dishes. Keeps for 7 to 9 months as per lot number.

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