At the origin of refinement

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The essentials

Huile d'olive infusee - Chipotle Sous les oliviers Huile d'olive infusee - Chipotle

Extra virgin olive oil from Spain and Tunisia infused naturally with chipotle.

Balsamique - Apricot Sous les oliviers Balsamique - Apricot

Vinaigre balsamique de Modene infusée naturellement à l'apricot

Balsamique - Figue Sous les oliviers Balsamique - Figue

Vinaigre balsamique de Modene infusée naturellement à la figue


Vinaigrette sucree

Toutes les recettes

From around the world!

From Chile, Spain, Greece, Italy, California, Australia and Tunisia! We have traveled the globe in search of the best products in the world! Our latest find ... olive oils from Olivo and excellent connivance products made here in Quebec! Welcome to our olive oil and balsamic vinegar boutique in Pincourt. Take the time to taste, smell and discover!

Josée Nadeau