100% Canadian EV olive oil 200 ml

George and Sheri Braun had been talking about having an olive grove for over a decade...

But had never considered the possibility of their idea growing on Canadian soil until they explored the fertile Fulford Valley on Salt Spring Island.

George and Sheri have lived much of their lives in Cochrane, Alberta - not the most fertile of growing environments! From there they went to Kelowna where they had a cherry orchard, but the dream of an olive grove eventually brought them to Salt Spring.

2022 turned out to be a delicious surprise! With a spring delay of three to four weeks, they weren't sure they could harvest this year. Fortunately, the sun shone throughout September and October and the beautiful little olive trees bloomed and caught up to maturity. Harvest time was very successful. Have achieved a more generous result this year and hope that will continue in the years to come.

He still hopes to reach their goal that one day they will be able to provide a bottle of 100% Canadian olive oil to anyone who asks for it!

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Hello everyone, it's time for our 2021 update letter and a theme is emerging! Again… unfortunately we can't even begin to respond to all requests. This year, everything looked very promising in June, with fields full of happy, thriving trees covered in thousands of beautiful little white flowers. The weather was ideal but at the most inopportune moment the heat dome hit with temperatures up to 46° and the flowers shrivelled in place. If the high temperatures had arrived a week earlier or a week later, everything would have been fine. In fact, we estimate that we have lost 60-80% of our crop. This once again resulted in very limited production. That being said, we had a very happy harvest and successful pressing, even though it was in the middle of the atmospheric river event! We stopped picking for a few days, navigated detours, power outages, etc., but everything worked. Again, we were rewarded with just enough beautiful olive oil to keep the dream alive!

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