Infused Olive Oil - with Gremolata

La gremolata est un condiment aux herbes italien traditionnel composé de zeste de citron frais, d'ail haché, de persil plat italien et d'un soupçon de menthe.

Gremolata is a traditional Italian herb condiment consisting of fresh lemon zest, minced garlic, Italian flat leaf parsley and a hint of mint. The herbs and citrus zest are typically crushed together in a mortar to release their pungent essential oils. Try finishing your fish with this exciting flavour combination. It is also traditionally served with osso buco, veal and other slow braised dishes to add a zip of flavour. We also recommend it for marinating poultry & in dressings. 

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01 Feb 2023
Félix Santerre-Gervais
Une des meilleures huiles pour les salades ! C'est ma préférée !