Persian Lime EVOO

Chili Taste Type : Fruity

Chili • 120 cal (per 15 ml) • Fat 14 g  • Taste Type : Fruity


Naturally flavored extra virgin olive oil that features the refreshing, distinct, taste of real lime. This light, aromatic olive oil is perfect for the warmer months. Full bodied, imported extra virgin olive oil is a product that has a powerful flavor but is smooth and sweet with no bitterness or acrid after taste. It is first pressed using expeller methods.

Great for
Think of anything you’d normally add a splash of lime to. It’s fresh, zesty and perks up salads, marinades, pasta, fish and so much more. It’s like adding summer to your plate.


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5 stars based on 1 reviews

16 Jun 2018
This lime infused olive oil is delicious. So fresh and brightens any dish. I wish it came in a larger format.