Pure Chipotle Olive Oil

Article code OOS180-500
Spain Taste Type : Spicy and smoky

Spain Oil • 120 cal (per 15 ml) • Fat 14 g  • Taste Type : Spicy


Chipotle, a Mexican inspired smoked jalapeno chili pepper, is one of the most notable additions to our infused olive oil lineup. A rich smoky flavor with the perfect intensity of spice and heat, this oil adds a burst of flavor and mystery to any dish. The resulting oil is golden, with full-bodied flavor. A true infusion process is used, placing fresh herbs and spices into the olive oil to balance flavor and aroma. This process can take up to several weeks, depending on the herbs or spices. Rich in flavor Slowly infused with fresh, all natural ingredients

Great for
Great for dipping and cooking Flavors soups and salsas. Delicious when drizzled on stews and vegetables. Marinade meat & seafood, use for anything on the BBQ, serve on pizza, or stir fry. As with any quality oil, simply using it to dip your favorite bread is always a good idea.

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