Habanero EVOO

Spain Taste Type : Spicy

Spain Olive Oil • 120 cal (per 15 ml) • Fat 14 g  • Taste Type : Spicy


Have a taste of Spain in this gourmet olive oil. The infamous habanero pepper captures true heat and flavor. This oil is HOT HOT HOT, both in terms of capsaicin heat, and popularity! Gold and full-bodied, it’s the result of a traditional infusion process where herbs and spices are immersed in the oil until perfect balance is achieved between flavor and aroma. This process can take up to several weeks, depending on the character of the herbs and spice. Rich in flavor Slowly infused with fresh, all natural ingredients

Great for
Great for dipping and cooking Drizzle over pasta or roasted vegetables, or use to marinate and spice up your steak.

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