Teriyaki Dark Balsamic Vinegar

Modena, Italy Taste : Smokey sweet
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Italian Vinegar • 55 cal (per 15 ml) • Carbs 11 g • Sodium 2 mg 


Here is a healthier alternative to the traditional teriyaki sauce in the bottle: Dark Balsamic Teriyaki. This sweet, salty and tangy balsamic is sure to be a success during the grilling season. The versatility of this vinegar will make you look for the bottle in your pantry over and over again; an excellent complement to any marinade for beef, chicken or tofu.

A unique ingredient to put in fried rice or stir-fries. An absolutely delicious option for brushing grilled salmon, vegetables or even pineapple! Dominant notes of tangy ginger and a sweet hint of lemongrass are balanced with a slight flavor of Soy sauce.


With infuse garlic olive oil, Florida orange, basic and many others. It's up to you to try it out!


Cooked grape must, red wine
vinegar, natural sulphites

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